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tested with same server, Switch, Windows 10 VM, with same files. I decided to go XCP-ng for being completely free and able to backup VMs. Feb 23, 2021 · XCP-ng is therefore based on solid and recognized foundations. Vates’ objective was to take advantage of its expertise and strong involvement in the open source world to bring to the Xen Project what it has always more or less lacked — a community of active users using and contributing to the project, a financial investment in order to innovate on the solution and to reinvigorate the Xen What marketing strategies does Xcp-ng use? Get traffic statistics, SEO keyword opportunities, audience insights, and competitive analytics for Xcp-ng. for SMB applications with small numbers of servers Hyper-V is the best deal since standard licenses have a 2 VM entitlement so yo ucan install Server with Hyper-V role then install a DC and a member server. XCP-ng Software. Share on Facebook Tweet Share on Reddit.

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one thing to note is you can do a lot of vm mgmt via the xcp-ng menu on the actual computer as well. proxmox just gives you a normal login via the display. 2012/06/19 Sounds like a hardware issue. I run the latest version of XCP-NG on all kinds of servers - Dell R815 (4 x 16 core Opterons), Dell R710, and the iXsystems equivalent of an R640 (2 x 12 core Intel Gold). I run these with Intel X520-DA2 2012/06/19 I am interested in XCP-ng, but got a bit worried when this sub has got so few members. Are you at ? Or are you at the main forum ?

9 Sep 2019 If I do that I can move everything to the single machine and then the other 2 servers I can put in a node and play with proxmox or XCP-NG. Like.

If you want to experiment with in detail with XenServer, I highly recommend you download XCP-ng from their official website. This is a community-powered version of XenServer with ALL FEATURES ENABLED.

Reddit xcp-ng

only took a few hours, but I have experience with GPU passthrough on Windows as well. The r/VFIO subreddit is a good resource for info.

Reddit xcp-ng

I run these with Intel X520-DA2 2012/06/19 I am interested in XCP-ng, but got a bit worried when this sub has got so few members. Are you at ? Or are you at the main forum ? Comparison of … I am using xcp-ng 8.2 with the latest version of windows 10. To my knowledge I am not using any testing software from xcp-ng repos. I am able to ping websites, and tracert but the browser does not work. I am using xcp-ng 8.2 with the latest version of windows 10.

Running iperf between these two VM's I get only 40-50Mbit.

Reddit xcp-ng

Installed XCP-ng v7.6 onto single SATA SSD. XCP-ng is tied to a FreeNAS backend. Mainboard Intel NIC used for XCP-ng management access - connected to internal EdgeRouter-x (ER-x) at gateway; Appliance ports (yes, it's a PC though in this case) It's important to note that these are configured accordingly in the XCP-ng control software XCP-ng 8.0, virtualising FreeNAS 11.3-U1 CPUs: 2 x Intel Xeon E5-4655 v3 (6C/12T, 2.9GHz base/3.2GHz max boost). RAM: 64GB DDR4 2133MHz (2 x 16GB DIMMs per CPU) Hard Drives: Drives not yet finalised. Hard Drive Controller: LSI 9207-8e HBA connected to NetApp DS4246 Disk Shelf Network Card: Dell Broadcom 57800S Quad Port (2 x Gigabit, 2 x 10 @Dashrender said in dbeato why are you migrating from Hyper-V to XCP-ng:. If you have no Windows server (which I'm sure he does ) why not? Likely much easier to manage than all the hoops you need for Hyper-V (need windows 10 machine for example), plus if non domain - tons of setup PITA stuff. intially I went to the server and checked ufw logs and saw it was blocking traffic from the xcp-ng VM ip of on port 111, which I had blocked (I followed a guide that said to unblock port 2049 for nfs).

30 Nov 2019 XCP-ng could change this, they have an opportunity and they try to take it, that's great. In KVM world, you don't have this kind of product for  22 Jul 2020 Currently I am running Proxmox, though I like the interface  23 Oct 2019 Last week I built an XCP-ng + XOCE stack on the Optiplex. 1 Jan 2019 xcp-ng. Which is the fully open source version of XenServer (technically CentOS on Xen). Previously used VMWare, switched due to their website  22 Jul 2018 Setting up my first homelab and I'm debating between Proxmox and Proxmox or XCP-NG Xenserver.

Reddit xcp-ng

Take for example the “new” log-off/shutdown/restart behavior. Used to be by default in Windows 7 that when you sh… Which are the best open-source hypervisor projects? This list will help you: jailhouse, vm, xen-orchestra, and parted-auto-resize. 2 days ago · XCP-ng is the one open source broad-purpose server virtualization platform based on Xen. In a practical way, XCP-ng — much like its parent, Citrix XenServer — is a minimalist Linux distribution. It boots a kernel, which boots a special type of virtual machine called “Dom0”, hardware drivers — and all of that can of course be configured.

Or are you at the main forum ?

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This process was crafted while moving XCP-NG virtual machines to VMware but it should also work for Xenserver VMs moving to HyperV or any other virtualization platform. I'm creating this How-To for my own reference in case I ever forget, and to hopefully save someone else the frustration I went through.

Apr 09, 2019 · Recently when installing XCP-NG on my home server, I ran into some persistent issues with setting up RAID1 on my boot disks, and setting up RAID5 for my secondary/bulk Local Storage Repository. Here are my notes and tips on succeeding with an installation such as this. I can ping xcp-ng server from FreeNAS console. I can ping freenas host from xcp-ng console. I am a newbie. I tried connecting from xcp-ng using iscsiadm and the discovery worked fine. but I don't know how to test the LUN part.